Receive Support From Cancer Survivors

We Listen. We Help.

Cancer patients and caregivers often compare a cancer diagnosis to a deer peering directly into a car headlight at night. The deer does not know where to turn. It is stunned and frightened. People going through cancer share similar feelings. The fear and unknown along with a sense of isolation can be overwhelming. There is nowhere to turn to for the kind of support a person "who has been in their shoes" can provide.

"There is a sense of relief when you realize you're not the only person who's going through this, who's having the same problems that you're having, similar reactions to medications or issues with treatment. People who haven't had cancer or been close to someone who has cancer, well, it's hard for them to realize all the thoughts that are going through your mind." - Fran Boglioli, Middlebury

Would you like to receive support from someone who may have had a similar diagnosis and treatment, or someone with cancer who has young children, or someone who lost a spouse or partner from cancer?

Kindred Connections consists of survivors who have been through cancer, are living with cancer, or are caregivers. They receive training to become good listeners and are empowered to reach out in their community to those who may need individual support.

"I think this program can offer people a kind of support that they are not going to get from their friends, or their family, doctor or nurse." -  Fran Boglioli

Members (volunteers) can also offer rides to doctors' appointments, provide shopping assistance and lend a hand in other ways. 

Contact Information: or 802-552-3239