Give Support to Cancer Patients & Cancer Survivors

We Listen. We Help.

"Now may be the time," you say to yourself. I am finished with treatment; (or) I am living with cancer; (or) I've been a caregiver. I am ready to move on to help another person who is dealing with cancer.

With training and support you can be a support person for someone going through a cancer journey (or) caregiver. Volunteering through Kindred Connections is a way to give back and help support someone else in need.  Kindred Connections is developing a list of cancer survivors and caregivers across the state of Vermont to connect with everyone who calls in for support.  To do this we need your help.

As a Volunteer:

As a volunteer you are needed to reach out to cancer survivors and caregivers in need of support.

You will be able to provide resources to them through the help of the VCSN website

How does it work?

A message comes into the VCSN through Kindred Connections.  The person is screened by the coordinator, Mary Ellen Simmons.  Mary Ellen will reach out to volunteers to find a suitable match.  When contacted, if you are available, the contact information will be passed along to the volunteer to make the connection.  

Would you like to give support? Kindred Connections are volunteer "members" who make connections within their community or other communities. They have been through cancer, are living with cancer or have been a caregiver. They receive training to become good listeners and are empowered to reach out in their community to those who may need individual support.

A wonderful aspect of Kindred Connections is the chance to channel present feelings and experiences connected to our cancer stories, and transform them into special projects. Please read about them on the Making a Kindred Connection page.

Contact Information: or 802-552-3239