Make a Kindred Connection

From diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Peer Support For All Those Touched By Cancer

Kindred Connections volunteers provide support and encouragement to cancer survivors. Survivors who have gone through similar experiences can offer a special kind of support.  We can provide one-to-one assistance in person, by phone, or e-mail.

We Listen, We Help.
Would you like to make a Kindred Connection?  If you are recently diagnosed, in treatment, living with cancer, beyond cancer, or are a caregiver, you can “give” or “receive” support.  The Kindred Connections program provides a unique opportunity for people in need of receiving or interested in giving individual peer support. Many different types of cancers are represented. Our goal is to have someone for everyone who calls in.  To reach this goal we need your help.                                                                                                       Signup to become a volunteer today. (

Kindred Connection volunteers are located in various communities in Vermont. They frequently connect with survivors in other communities based upon the needs of the cancer patient or caregiver.