Give Support and Advice to Cancer Patients & Cancer Survivors

We Listen. We Help.

"Now may be the time," you say to yourself. I am finished with treatment; (or) I am living with cancer; (or) I've been a caregiver. I am ready to move on to help another person who is dealing with cancer.

Would you like to give support? Kindred Connections are volunteer "members" who make connections within their community or other communities. They have been through cancer, are living with cancer or have been a caregiver. They receive training to become good listeners and are empowered to reach out in their community to those who may need individual support.

Here is what's involved:

  1. Fill out this Kindred Connections form and either mail or email it back. 
  2. You will hear back from the Kindred Connections Coordinator within a week.
  3. You will be invited to a 2 – 2 ½ hour orientation to learn more about the program, get to know
    each other by sharing our cancer stories, emphasize listening skills, become empowered to make connections on your own within your community, and ask questions.
  4. You are asked to attend three potluck dinner-get -togethers a year to do a check-in with each other, discuss connections made, and learn what is going on with the VCSN organization and how we can further help improve the quality of life of cancer survivors. When needed, there is a natural understanding for the group to provide support to each other. Sometimes there are featured speakers at these potlucks.
  5. Connections will be made in one of four ways:
  • You are asked to help promote Kindred Connections using our promotional materials, speaking at civic organizations on behalf of Kindred Connections or promoting the organization at a fair or conference.
  • VCSN is a grassroots organization dependent upon annual appeals, grants and other donations. Being a part of a fundraising event such as: a garage sale, bake sale, selling the notecards, finding a restaurant to serve as a third party to do a special event like a chili cook-off helps support the organization. It allows VCSN to do more for cancer survivors.
  • A wonderful aspect of Kindred Connections is the chance to channel present feelings and experiences connected to our cancer stories, and transform them into special projects. Please read about them on the Making a Kindred Connection page specifically Orleans and Franklin Counties.