Make a Kindred Connection

From diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Peer Support For All Those Touched By Cancer

Kindred Connections members provide support and encouragement to cancer survivors. Survivors who have gone through similar experiences can offer a special kind of support.  We can provide one-to-one assistance in person, by phone or e-mail.

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We Listen, We Help.
Would you like to make a Kindred Connection?  If you are recently diagnosed, in treatment, living with cancer, beyond cancer or are a caregiver, you can “give” or “receive” support.  The Kindred Connections (KC) program provides a unique opportunity for people in need of receiving or interested in giving individual peer support. Many different types of cancers are represented. There are approximately 130 members in the database to work with.  

Members (volunteers who have been in the shoes of cancer patients or current caregivers) of Kindred Connections are located in various communities in Vermont. They frequently connect with survivors in other communities based upon the needs of the cancer patient or caregiver.


Kindred Connections Communities:

Addison County
This is the newest of the Kindred Connections groups.  As with all KC groups, they meet three times a year in someone’s house for an evening potluck supper or at a local restaurant such as Rosies.  Conversation begins with a quick check-in to see how everyone is doing and then leads to a discussion about their connections made between meetings. There is a natural understanding for the group to provide support to each other.

Central Vermont (Barre, Montpelier, Waterbury, Orange, Washington, Chelsea)
This group was once a pilot site when the program was getting started.  It currently has a collaborative relationship with the patient navigator and other staff members within the Cancer Center at Central Vermont Medical Center.

Chittenden County
This is a large area to cover. We are always looking for new members to join our small but dedicated group.  Collaborative relations are growing with Fletcher Allen Health Care and Survivorship Now.

Franklin/Grand Isle Counties
Lots of connecting occurs within this community thanks to the partnership between the Oncology Case Manager at Northwestern Medical Center, the Kindred Connections Coordinator, and members making their own connections.

Mad River Valley
As many Vermont towns, the “Valley” is known for its close relationship within its community. This KC site was making connections on its own before it became an official KC site. 

Orleans County
This site was also a pilot site when the program began.  Its dedicated and energetic members created a booklet entitled “Kindred Soup”, A Bowl of Comfort: Inspirational Cancer Survivor Stories of Hope from Vermont. The booklet has been distributed to Vermont cancer centers and reached the hands of many cancer patients.  

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